could the world turn on its own, knowing that the moon would be there? what is trust without the foundation of what you're presented with at birth: good or bad. murphy's law was created by a human trying and noticing the failures. perhaps that is why love is so rich in the first place— nothing to fight, nothing to gain. just is.

your eyes gaze into mine and my heart swells like the ocean. the power of a gentle wave brings me under, and i let it.
There's a slight glimmer in your eye when we have to say goodbye to her. You knew it had to happen, I knew that it had to happen, but there's still a but can't she stay? in the air. Instead, we snuffle a bit, and crawl on the couch with Howie and the gang. The space oddly feels bigger without her presence, but knowing that she's frollicking in a place where she's loved forever fills warmth in her place. My heart pangs at this new life.

I have messy handwriting and I don’t always know what to say, but I would write love letters to you all day.
Courtney Peppernell
34.4458° N, 119.2701° W Earthquakes formed these mountains outside your door. Separating the earth's crust into what we see before us, and there's beauty above the storm below. Ever-changing, but the subtlety allows formations to exist in stages. You paint here while I practise piano. I feel your concerns, even when you don't say, and I hold them to my chest. This life finds colour when our eyes meet, and it's not long before our worlds collide. Mother Earth just outside your door, lush and ripe. My fingers dip into the soil, reaching for roots; lips touch the ripened flesh of fruit. Dew covers this life. It heals, it writhes, it breathes out a sigh of relief. No matter the shifts, I will take care of you.
Light somehow touches every moment that passes, and the pessimist in me sits by the windowsill. Contemplating, waiting on something that just won't come. I bring one of my cameras in the quarantine move, predicting that I would want to capture these moments. These mountains know more than we do, yet I can't help but wonder if we knew the outcome of us the entire time. I bring the tarot cards and Nerada tea bags my mum stuffed in my bag before the last time I left, and though they both aid me in navigating this life, nothing could prepare me for the radiance you bring.
Last night
in your bed
we were three:
the moon       you & me
      — Octavio Paz


You come out of the bedroom donned in attire to protect yourself from your newest project, and a soft laugh escapes both of our lips. I follow you outside, and just like that the uncertainty peeking beneath your grin fades into calm, into sureness. I watch as your eyes discern and take in. Every little thing goes noticed— but that's just it, isn't it? They're not things, they all have a special place on this universe we somehow became a part of, and you realise this. You take the time to learn, and handle the tiniest creature with care, and it pours comfort into places inside of me that I didn't know needed it. If that's the case, how long had you been learning me?

  in life's trials and tribulations, we stand together. i've never met someone like you, and i know i never will again. no matter the shapes we may take in life, our bond never breaks. our friendship is precious, and i'm certain that most of all, you are my oasis and i am yours. one soul in two. a deal. a pact.