wine, cookies, and droids.

Just to go ahead and get obvious out of the way-- Noa Valley was freezing. She had left New York to experience a different type of weather, but with all the decisions that were made in the four years Trump was president it was obvious climate change was real. And it was fucking up California. While River pushed against the chill-you-to-your-bones breeze (she was dramatic, deal with it) to get to her friend she was thinking with her eyebrows furrowed and her arms crossed over her chest that she was nuts for having willingly come back here after she'd just left her perfectly warm home. But she had promised, after all, and more than that-- the woman wanted badly to see her friend and just wrap her arms around the other lady in a big, almost too-tight hug. It had definitely been too long since they'd seen each other and she had no idea about her owning a droid but then she got a text that she wasn't coming. What a bummer.

So, with some faith and pixie dust River, with her big purse over one shoulder and a canvas bag over the other that held a bottle of wine for her friend, and BB-8, who was rolling around like a duckling, found themselves walking (or in BB-8's world: rolling) outside to their cosy little car... after River finally wrestled with the wintery wetness on the bottom of her boots on the rug just off the sidewalk. She had seen someone that looked familiar but she wasn't well acquainted with. Nasim Haddad. She was sure of it, those eyes gave him away immediately. She was suddenly excited, to say the least. River was pink-cheeked and red-nosed, and she pressed her warm (they'd been tucked under her elbows, after all, and shoved inside mittens) fingers against her own face for a moment before an idea came over her. "Nasim! Hey!" She hoped he wouldn't have a problem with how unprofessional she would be at this very moment but the notion of it made her bounced a little. Her enthusiasm, as per usual, just was not very good at being contained.

The weather wasn't as drafty as it could've been on the east coast. It was a reality he faced while spending most of his time there instead of loitering around on the west. He felt the extreme change that was never gradual when things were summoned. Man made or it being exacerbated by the greed of corporations wanting to play in the sandbox of excess. The last thing on his mind was how he would function with the drop in temperature or if he'd be left for dead at some point. Nasim was tapped in, pacing in front of his house, seemingly talking to himself. Words pouring out passionately as he spoke but those in the distance or near thought the resident lantern was talking to himself without a Bluetooth earbud or headset in sight. Hand pointing at each syllable spoken while his anger was rising the more he spoke on. The concern came from a neighbor who peeked his head out about to chime in and Nasim turned away to look in the opposite direction. He wasn't focusing on anyone in particular while counting in his head to wane the anger that was close to being the plague.

Ruining his day was at an all time high. It wasn’t until he heard his name being chanted in a greeting that directed his sight on someone in particular. Giving a short squint, he seen the face and which got more clearer as the approach was present when distance was narrowed. He immediately voiced his departure in ending the call. The ring on his finger, glowing a bright green before diminishing in its brightness to dulling into the fabric of his finger via camouflage. His face lightened up and then it swayed into confusion until he waved a little. β€œWhat’s uh good?”

River's face lit up when she saw her (almost, he was more of an acquaintance) friend notice her and a wide grin blooming instantly, and she'd started to step into those warm friendly sentiments but then she remembered the wine on her hand. She was wearing a hat (because she loved them and also because it was too cold to do without) but her jaw dropped in genuine surprise, eyes growing wide and brows arching while she sucked in a startled breath. BbbbbrrrowowOOOP! She wasn't expecting BB-8 to act up. In fact, she was still getting used to the droid's bubbly personality. He was like the new puppy of the family and everything was so brand new and shiny but the one thing she did know is that he did this with everyone it found friendly. They were off to a good start.

With that, she let the droid scan him and chuckled a bit about what was happening. "He likes you!" She affirmed him, she had already seen him with many robots so this probably wasn't surprising to him. "Oh, you know, just getting stood up by a friend." After BB-8 gave her a thumb up, she got close to him. This time the hug was inevitable-- River wrapped Nasim up in a warm, tight embrace. She had always been very touchy, she didn't know if it was because she was Greek or because she was constantly with animals who wanted a good belly scratch. She wasn't going to scratch Nasim's belly, though, not yet. "I've got this," She pointed at the wine, "and honestly, it seemed like a waste." She said sincerely, and then reached up and tugged on a strand of her own hair, playing with it, "I mean, that conversation didn't seem pretty and maybe you'd like to drink some wine with me?" She realised that might've come as suggestive especially with that whole philosophy about how a man and a woman couldn't just be friends, but they were adults damn it, they could be anything they wanted. And truth be told, she already had enough wine at home, it would just be a waste. "I mean, I always hear so many good things about you and it could be fun to get to know each other, maybe." She gestured toward the bag once more, "It's free alcohol on me!"

He wasn't expecting any visits or accidental run ins but there were always the media lurking around one way or another. This time or another they've kept their distance, especially with all the alien and tech-y beings that lurked in his entire vacinity. His eyes closed in slits at the intrusion but it wasn't the worst to happen. In fact, he may have been saved from shortly losing his fuse. While River was an energy that was at a level he almost recoiled from, Nasim felt less tense and more at ease. The interference was one that made him identify with the hyperactive vibe he got whenever he walked into his house. Hands stuffed into the bits of his pockets but his line of sight exited quickly and lowered to the rolling droid that he raised his brows at. "Whatttt. Is little dude real or one of those toys you can operate with your phone?" He didn't relinquish his ring to begin scanning immediately to check its specs but the droid itself whirred and did his thing long enough to scan him.

Luckily he would've caught himself from going stiff at the following hug but welcomed it with a generous squeeze. "Hey don't hug too long. The paps around here might think something wild," he warned jokingly before the release. And settled with hands in pockets of his sweats. Head given the short tilt while listening in as much as possible without his attention diverting back to the android again. "Wine? I haven't really drunk anything in a while," he mentioned with a bit of hesitancy. "I'll pass on the drinking but I have other stuff to share?" He wasn't sure as going shopping was slim to none but remembered Baymax got groceries the other day. "You might flee at the bad shit about me, but sure." He gave a nod and waved for the follow as he opened up the small gate to let her pass through before heading up the short steps. The door was already unlocked and he held it open for her and the droid to pass through with assistance. "Don't uh mind the mess. Been working on things and my buddies are all around." He mentioned the four pets that were wandering around or in their own space. The first to hear and smell new scents was Tetsuo who padded in on a curious gait before resting on his haunches wagging his tail. Friendly in his barking before getting up to follow. Nasim bent down a little for the pet as there was a lead in after locking the door behind. "We can sit in here if you want." A point through the hall that led to the open kitchen and living space, where his other pittie Bulma was on the couch under a blanket, with Baymax joined at the end as the television hummed low on ESPN.

River was never one to turn down a gesture of hospitality, and the house itself had a charming exterior. One thing she had learned in her years in the Bay Area was that even when homes looked petite on the outside, they usually had untold treasures within. Everyone as so eager to make the most of their space that they did the most wonderful things in order to carve out their personalities within those buildings. She preferred Pacifica because she had always been drawn to the water as far back as she could remember, but differences were what made other people such a treat to get to know. "Well, we'd better get inside quick then if you're worried about the paps." Paps. It was a funny word, explosive on the tongue, made all the more ridiculous by the thought that those photographers would have any interest in a vet with a load of dogs. Well, and the tendency to start to float at a moment's notice, but they certainly didn't know that.

While the house was impressive (and no mess in her eyes, used to a load of pets herself), she immediately found herself at ease as soon as she spotted Tetsuo coming to join them. "You know, I know I'm not supposed to have favorites in my line of work, but as someone who has two pitties..." She trialed off and let the thought finish itself even as she silently apologised to Hera and Penelope for the bias she was demonstrating. Then it was back to the present and offering her hand for sniffs of assessment before she indulged in some ear scratches. Yes, Tetsuo was a very good boy, and she was very glad to meet him. In fact, she told him as much without a moment's hesitation. She could have cooed compliments at Tetsuo all day, but there was more house to see and, to her delight, another pitbull even more cosy than the first. "I feel like you're just leaving me presents at this point," she joked to Nasim. Perhaps this was how they would bond. BB-8, who dealt well with her attention being stolen by the pets, was immediately taken with Baymax and chirped away when trying to scan the large creation. "I believe you said something about sharing," she reminded Nasim with a warm smile.

Normally the house was buzzing or completely quiet. At times it was utter chaos, especially with the new house guest, that was currently out on the roof deck of the house sunbathing or whatever it was Stitch got up to when no one was formally watching his every move. Tetsuo seemed to follow River well enough looking for the amount of attention offered but also be playful about it without crossing boundaries of being overbearing. Nasim chanced the trail to the kitchen for sake of gathering glasses and cold water for himself to bring back into the area where he would invite people to gather in. Where he appeared there after, setting the items on the coffee table that rested next to shrouded papers, folders, and sketches of schematics of various projects he was working on.

He plopped on one of the seats, furthest from Bulma and Baymax, who by that time rose from the couch and waved to River with a courteous greeting. One that was met with supreme generosity and curiosity, especially with the rolling droid that he would probably have a million questions for. "I think you guys met already. Baymax, River. River, Baymax. Stitch is probably jamming above the house or something. Though I might be speaking too soon." He wasn't sure when the alien dog or just being in general was normally unpredictable but slowly a routine was being worked in place long enough that issues of the house wouldn't register, especially with a guest around. "I did. I have bunch of junk food and leftover cookies?"